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The Youth Centre at 299 Main Street in Picton is the core location for PEC youth to learn, grow, share, and simply be. Here, youth are offered opportunities for skills and leadership development, participate in workshops on various topics of interest, be provided support through life’s current challenges and receive assistance in preparing for their future. We offer healthy snacks and lunches as well as frozen meals to take home when needed. Academic support, counselling/mentoring, basic needs and fun activities are all available here.

Our Centre is set up to appeal to a wide range of youth depending on their interests. This is where they come to have fun with their friends, engage with positive adult role models, relax, smile and decompress. The Youth Centre provides calm and quiet when needed. It also provides excitement and active engagement when the opportunity arises. This is the all-encompassing space for youth in our community. They come to us when they don’t want to go home, when they’re in trouble and fear for their safety, when they’re hungry, when they want to be active, when they want to chill with their friends, when they are seeking support from a caring adult. Whatever their reason, they belong here.

How the ProgramWorks

Tailored to you

We know that no two young people are the same. With that in mind, we always ensure that each and every youth receives individualized support that best meets their needs.

The Space

theROC is a safe space for all youth. We, all adults and youth accessing the Centre, adhere to clear expectations and rules. Everyone is treated with respect and knows they belong.

Planning for your future

theROC offers workshops with local partners to provide information on scholarships and bursaries, financial planning and budgeting, job interview and resume preparation, connections to career opportunities.

Staff are your allies

Staff are always available to support youth through life’s ups and downs. Being a teenager is rarely easy and it is always helpful to have a listening ear and a trusted adult to provide guidance. At theROC, we’re here for you.


Every staff member and volunteer is here as a positive role model, promoting youth health and wellbeing.We know that it is essential to youth growth and development, to be surrounded by adult allies. Every interaction our team has with any youth, involves mentorship and guidance.


Short-term and long-term academic support is available throughout the year, including the summer months. theROC staff and volunteers provide one-on-one and small group tutoring and study sessions through a wide variety of instructional methods.

Available Programs

Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) plays a large role in leadership both within the organization, as well as in the community. YAC is a group of diverse individuals who are invested in bettering their community and ensuring actionable change occurs. They meet once a month and explore opportunities for leadership, skills training, and allowing space for youth to amplify their voices. The goal of YAC is to support youth civic engagement, build confidence, and learn healthy self-expression in a dynamic group environment.

Youth Justice Service

theROC supports youth who are in conflict with the law to provide them with holistic life support. Case Managers work closely with participants to identify goals and track ongoing progress and work closely with participants’ lawyers and probation officers to provide strong supports for youth in court

Youth Support Navigation Service

Immediate service where theROC provides support to address:  homelessness, food insecurity, suicidal ideation, academic disengagement & feelings of isolation and loneliness.  This navigation service is an immediate response to the youth in need.

If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1.

More Programs to Support Youth

Youth Inclusion Program (YIP)

Youth Support Navigation Service (YSNS)

The Youth Centre is a safe space and all inclusive environment for everyone. Register Now.

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