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At theROC, we provide a range of programs and services in a safe environment that encourages youth success and contributes to a healthier Prince Edward County. Youth build relationships with positive adult role models and become connected to their community and each other.

Academic Support

theROC offers varied academic services to support youth enrolled in traditional school with tutoring and exam preparation, as well as those working through the Supervised Alternative Learning platform and alternative educational programs.

Mental Wellbeing

Everything we do at theROC is focused on overall mental wellbeing. We also offer specific programs to directly address concerns related to youth emotional health.

Leadership Skills & Social Development

theROC offers workshops, community engagement, volunteer opportunities and skills development.

Basic Needs

Food, clothing, housing assistance, navigating community resources and justice system support are all services provided by theROC.

The Youth Centre

Providing barrier-free, zero-cost, academic, social and mental wellness support for all youth ages 12-18 in Prince Edward County.

YIP Program

Providing barrier-free, zero-cost, academic, social and mental wellness support for at-risk youth in Prince Edward County.

YSNS Program

A support service to assist PEC youth to identify, access and navigate community services relevant to their immediate needs and goals.

One-on-One Counseling

We want to understand from you what resources are available to you at home. This will help us ensure you are receiving the support you need.

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