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The goal of the Youth Advisory Committee is to support youth civic engagement , build confidence, and learn healthy self-expression in a dynamic group environment.

As influential leaders, members represent their peers, create awareness, make an impact, and are facilitators of change in Prince Edward County. YAC provides youth-led initiatives and leadership roles in the creation of workshops and programs being offered through The ROC. 

YAC participants (up to 25 members, ages 15-18) meet monthly at the Youth Centre, learning specific skills related to leadership, governance,
activism, and social change. YAC ensures that a youth voice is central to all our programs, events, and volunteer roles, which has motivated youth to participate, take ownership and has increased the overall youth attendance in Youth Centre programs.

For more in-depth information, contact:
Whitney Shantz, Academic Support Coordinator

YAC has become a vital resource to many community organizations seeking youth feedback and data collection. Most recently, through the My Dream Community Project, YAC participants established a partnership with the Municipality and the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health Unit.  Addressing community safety concerns, plans are in place to arrange sharps bins at various locations in the County. Additionally, YAC developed and presented on youth mental health challenges to a range of community agencies, providing the opportunity for skills development in public speaking and being advocates for change.

The following quote has been received from a Youth Advisory Committee member:

“Being a part of the Youth Advisory Committee, I can back up that I do get things out of these programs. I get to help make a difference in our community. I get to help make PEC safer and a better place to live. This group listens to problems that young people are going through. The adults at the ROC value what the youth has to actually say and what needs to be done for the rest of the community to hear our voices too”. 

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