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theROC is dedicated to serve as a safe, positive and consistent environment where all youth, regardless of circumstance,  know they belong.

At theROC, we believe youth deserve to feel confident and empowered. Here, we eliminate the structure, pressure and pre-established agendas to welcome youth into an uplifting and safe environment where they can be inspired to become the best version of themselves.

Youth are free to seek help if or when they need it. They control the pace. We simply meet them where they're at.

What WeBelieve

At theROC, there’s no agenda. Youth are invited to a safe, inclusive and fun environment that allows them to be exactly who they are or who they are exploring to become. 

Connections Count

We recognize - and celebrate - the need for human connection. We understand it's at the heart of what we do every day and persistently strive to provide an environment for youth that supports our mission to foster a sense of community.

Consistency is Key

We’re always all in. We recognize that in order to have a positive impact on the personal and social development of the youth we serve, we need to be a dedicated, patient and reliable source of support. That support is unwavering as we work towards a healthier PEC.

Having Fun Matters

We always lead with purpose and integrity and we know that it’s important to make fun a big part of our day. Humour and smiles can lower stress levels and foster a sense of belonging, as well as encourage collaboration. With this being said, we always approach humour with heart.

Welcoming & Approachable

We know that the youth we serve are here for a reason. Whatever that reason is, we place value on every person and whatever their needs might be. We understand coming to a new environment can be intimidating, so we ensure all youth attending programs or accessing our services are welcomed and receive the attention they deserve.


When youth are encouraged to have a growth mindset, they're more likely to take on new challenges, accept ownership and responsibility, and seek opportunities to develop their abilities. We know that every youth has potential, so we look for creative, compassionate ways to support and encourage them on their journey.

Our Objectives

Impact in The County in 2022

theROC has been a proud part of Prince Edward County for 23 years

supported to re-enter school
snacks and lunches provided
hygiene care kits

Get Involved

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