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We are excited to have clubROC at Queen Elizabeth School as we know this provides a wonderful connection between the school and the community. We know the students will benefit greatly as they utilize the facility, and as a school we are excited to partner and be a major program location for students to learn the positive skills and values that clubROC teaches through its programs.
Bill Launderville

Principal, Queen Elizabeth Public School

I’ve been involved in The Girls Rock It program and it has helped me in quite a few ways! The program helped boost my confidence. It got me to get to know other girls and have a little extra fun! It’s something I’ll never regret doing!

Age: 14

During the Girls Roc it program, I got to spend time with the girls my age. We learned a lot about each other, which made a lot of us closer than we were before the program. We were always brought healthy foods, and we got to do many fun activities, and went on a girls overnight trip at the end of the program. Every time I’d walk into our room, or on the overnight trip, there was always laughs, never a dull moment. We had great leaders who were always happy to see us, and would always make us laugh. I’m very glad I was able to be a part of the Girls Roc it program, and I’m so glad we have it here in Picton!


Age: 16

As a volunteer at Camp ROC, I see that its really, its about all the kids getting together from all different corners of life and all different areas of the County and having fun together.
Matt Ronan

Guidance Councillor, PECI Prince Edward Collegiate Institute

When the Kids in Motion project started, it was very evident that the girls at the program did not consider themselves good at sports and physical activity and made it very clear that they weren’t that interested in learning. It did not take long to realize that many of these girls had never had an adult female to role model what it meant to be confident and athletic, to show them being a good athlete was not something that was defined by gender. Having a female program facilitator was very effective in positively engaging our female participants in physical activity. Our greatest success story for Kids in Motion was the creation of our all girls volleyball team. Several of our girls had never even played the sport, let alone participated on a team before. An all girls environment with supportive and empowering coaching was all that was needed to propel the girls from timid sideline participants to an engaged, confident and spirited team of 12 and 13 year old girls.
Sarah W.

Coach, clubROC (Kids in Motion)

I’ve enjoyed singing songs and playing music on my keyboard at the ROC with this large, bright eyed group of extremely talented and hungry-to-learn kids who attend each week night. We’ve learned several songs, done some acting improv, mixed in a little dance and creative movement…all while becoming our own choir of inspiring young singers. I am incredibly struck with the way these kids genuinely want to be at the ROC and to learn this music and interact with volunteers. I think they really feel safe and loved and actually quite valued and empowered at the ROC. I like the ROC so much that I bring my own 3 and 5 year old little ones there with me!
Sarah Harris

Volunteer, clubROC

Rick and Phil are awesome!! I liked spending more time with my friends. Free food every Tuesday!

Age: 13, GUY Time Participant

The ROC has been absolutely amazing. It has given me so many opportunities to pursue what I love. It has brought me and my friends so much closer together and I don’t know if I would’ve gotten so close with some people without the ROC. It’s always a safe, happy place to be and there are always smiles and laughter when we are with all the amazing people who work there and it’s just an amazing place with some amazing people and it has really helped me.
Coadie G.

Age: 15

As a teacher in PECounty schools for the past 25 years I would like to take this opportunity to give my opinion on the positive effects clubROC has…. Dedicated staff and quality volunteers/community mentors deliver varied and well planned programs to eager and enthused County children. Exercise, sports, creative art, cooking, music and self esteem building activities are incorporated in an exciting and caring manner. ClubROC helps to supplement our school programs outside of the school day when kids and their families need this support. The ROC program is well attended and ever growing. It serves a valuable need in our community.
Sarah Hays-Lawlor

Grade 2/3 Teacher, Queen Elizabeth Public School

It was really awesome & snacks were delicious. I loved that there were physical & social activities. I would totally do it again.
Sage N.

Age: 9, Athol-South Marysburgh

The ROC program has been an amazing experience for both my sister and I. We’ve both built amazing relationships with adults and our peers which we know will be forever lasting! The Kids in Motion program provided by clubROC gave us the opportunity to participate in recreational sports which we may have not been able to other wise, because the ROC is free of charge. We have been skating, swimming, snowshoeing and learned martial arts. In the summer we went on a hiking and camping overnight trip that was incredible. This is just one of the many great opportunities that ROC has provided for us. We are thrilled to continue our participation with clubROC as junior youth leaders for years to come 🙂

Holli and Hailey C.

age 13, clubROC participants since 2011

The ROC provides a safe, nurturing environment filled with tons of fun filled activities but it does more than that. It instills in our children upstanding values such as honesty, kindness, empathy, compassion and generosity. We have watched our children grow in so many ways while attending the ROC program. They have gained confidence in themselves while at the same time becoming more caring towards others. Every Wednesday afternoon our children come off the school bus just itching to get over to the ROC. Every Wednesday evening they fly out of the doors at the ROC with huge smiles on their faces and great stories to share about what they did that evening.
Jennifer Young

Parent of 4 children in the clubROC Program

This is by far one of my favourite memories from the past two years considering I was lucky enough to take part twice, in both grade seven and eight. This program really helped me build confidence and have fun! We learned so much and got to try so many new things which made it even better! I wish it never ended! It was even better because we got to express our opinions and do what we wanted! I love the ROC.

Age: 14

As a Child and Youth Counsellor with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, I wish to express my gratitude in the working partnership we have with The ROC.  The engaging in school programs geared to support healthy minds, healthy choices have our students excited and asking for more.

Over the course of the program participants frequently form close, trusting relationships with group leaders.   These relationships can play a vital role in a young person’s development.   On separate occasions students have come forward and made personal disclosers to their leaders, which has provided the opportunities to find appropriate supports to address their needs.

I’m involved with many of these students and with the ROC’s commitment to youth we have been able to expand the supports for these kids.

I look forward to an ongoing partnership with the ROC for many years to come.

Sue Howard

Child and Youth Counsellor, Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board

What I enjoyed most was the positive engagement with peers and my daughter’s increased interest in healthier food choices and cooking.

Parent, Sophiasburgh Central School

The positive impact that the ROC had on me was that there was more to life than just running the streets and getting up to no good. It showed me that it’s good to go out and do something positive.
Justin Scanlon

CLUB ROC Volunteer Leader, Justin attended ROC programs as a youth, and now is married, a parent, working locally and giving back by volunteering every week to lead SPORTS CLUB in the gym.

It’s good to see the financial resources, the human resources and the moral resources put together to make life better in the community.
Lyle Vanclief

MP (retired)

I could see from my observations that the students attending these programs were totally engaged and enthralled with what they were doing. The programs were well organized and well attended.
Christine Liebregtz

Administrator, Sophiasburgh Central School (past) CML Snider (current)

I was lucky enough to have several opportunities to be involved with the ROC. Doing those performances with Meghan and the Minors helped me gain so much confidence in myself and I’m sure it did the same for the other girls. It gave me the courage to put my talent out there for the community to see. Most importantly, I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and build friendships with those I met. If I could say one thing to the ROC, it would be ‘Thank You!”

Age: 18

I enjoyed the TRIPLE POWER program last year and look forward to doing it again. In Let’s CREATE I made a plaster mask that I entered in the local fair and got first place. The Let’s MOVE programs were a great way to exercise instead of sitting in front of a screen. Thank you for giving us the chance to make our lives better through physical activity.
Anonymous Youth

Triple Power Program, Sophiasburgh Central School

I started with black. Black is your world when you first come to the ROC. You hurt a lot and your aren’t very happy. But after you come for a while you begin to laugh more and colour begins to come into your life. Eventually you actually start believing that you can be happy, because you are. Everyone feels pain, that doesn’t go away. But you can feel pain and still be happy. This is what I’ve learned and I am happy at the ROC.
Anonymous Youth

What I liked most was that the instructors were fun and you could talk about whatever you wanted, and we did fun things.

Age: 13, GUY Time Particpant

The past couple of years the ROC made me feel great inside because it was only girls (in the Girls Rock It program) so we could talk about anything. Every Wednesday I was so happy to be around all different girls and talk about everything and anything. The last two years that I have been included in the ROC program at (my) school has done a lot for me. It has inspired me in so (many ways) that you wouldn’t imagine.

Age: 14

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