Camp ROC 2016

Camp ROC comprises 4 different programs: creative arts, ball hockey, soccer and basketball. There are separate groups for each activity, with a strong focus on bringing the entire camp community together for daily physical activity, and at the start and end of each day, plus lunch time. In addition, local high school students volunteer as assistant coaches & junior leaders. They too benefit from learning leadership skills and confidence building.

Camp ROC provides: lunches, nutritious snacks, t-shirts, instruction in sports and art activities – making the camp experience enjoyable for all campers!

Camp is a great way to start the summer, making new friends and trying new things, with 150 of the County’s finest, including 25 youth leaders. This year, the heat lent itself to some out of program fun, blending all of the participants from all programs in shared games and memories. We had special guests each day in the art program, such as Kate from the library, Rick Zimmerman (theatre) and Rhonda (painter). A highlight of camp is certainly the lunch period. Campers get very excited about the impromptu talent show each lunch hour. Participants entertained and shared their bravery, performing for their friends and encouraging each other. There is plenty of inter program camaraderie that demonstrates the awesome teamwork and leadership being shared at camp. Many new sports and art skills are developed in the programs too!

We hold camp each year because it furthers our mission to provide opportunities, mentorship and programs that foster strong personal and social development for all children and youth in Prince Edward County.


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July 15, 2016