2015 Guy’s Overnight Adventure


Following the success of our first year pilot program “Guy Time”, we were pleased to invite grade 8 boys in PEC to join each other on a unique opportunity for a FREE overnight adventure with their peers! What an awesome experience at Camp Iawah!

[As recalled from Phil Norton, Male Facilitator]

“Our 2-day, 1-overnight group camp experience has been excellent in every way right down to the tender ribs and poutine buffet for our Saturday supper.

The weather changed from hot sunny to cold wet but the boys did not flinch or complain. Diverse activities were available indoors and outdoors. Adults and teenage counsellors participated informally, moving from group activities to one-on-one chats and strolls.

These moments were extremely valuable, intentionally including the shy boys and less popular and hearing what excites and inspires them…revealing surprising passions and dreams and career goals.

Most importantly the boys were removed from their screens, phones and video games and did “old-fashioned” community fun like real world sports, not Wii Sports, nature hikes, seeing deer, hearing loons, sitting around a campfire, guy talk, learning to joke around and be cool without abusive language or behaviour that degrades their peers.

Chats range from looking forward to high school next year, religious beliefs, how-to tips for catching fly balls on the run in centre field.

Physical activity and exercise did not lack. The survival game was constant running through fields and hiding in the woods. They come alive. Adrenaline. Fresh air. Sweating, panting.

Good eating. Lunch time Sunday gotta go, Phil”


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May 11, 2015