Prince Edward County
Youth Centre

The Youth Centre provides a safe, supervised space for teens to flourish and grow. It is a multi-use space that is intended to foster creativity, community engagement and entrepreneurship for all youth in The County.

What we do

We provide opportunities, mentorship and programs in a safe environment
that encourages youth success and contributes to a healthier community
in Prince Edward County.

Leadership Development

Youth are supported in leadership positions & training opportunities. Teens participate in local networks and attend symposiums and conferences. Youth develop and deliver presentations to share youth perspectives on community issues.

Youth Linked-In Volunteer Program

ROC’s volunteer program connects teens with local community agencies and events – 218 youth volunteers contributed 3,700 hours of time this past year.

Youth Advisory Committee

Youth learn specific knowledge and skills related to leadership, governance & activism. Youth members participate in creating social change for their peers in The County.

Special Events and Opportunities

Targeted and tailored to requests from our teen participants, events and opportunities have included: Open Mic Nights, Field Trips, Tours, Special Guests, Workshops, Skills Development Programs, Post-Secondary Support, Resume and Portfolio Building.

Youth Inclusion Program (YIP)

New in 2019, YIP is an evidence based program launched to promote community safety and well-being for at-risk youth.

Making a Difference in the lives of County youth.

January 2017, was the grand-opening of the Prince Edward County Youth Centre. Since then we have experienced significant growth and teens report how much FUN and opportunity is available to them in this safe space.

Individual Registrants in 2019

Youth Visits to the Centre in 2019

Community Visitors and Walk-ins in 2019

Teens Received Cab Rides home in 2019

Why we are different

Our staff are engaged with the youth community directly, filling a vital role in their lives. We have successful programming and have developed strong relationships with youth, with the school community including principals and teachers, and with the business community. Also, because of the level of trust we have built with youth, they are comfortable sharing their challenges with ROC staff in a safe space.

Volunteer and Lead

Have your say and be heard! Working together, we offer youth friendly events and recognition in everything we do. The staff at ROC are your allies.

From Our Members

“What I love about the ROC is that it gives everyone equal opportunities. When we did the food handling course, it wasn’t open to a specific group, that happens at school some time… with the ROC it was open to everyone and anyone who wanted that certification could go. I feel relaxed and happy to be here. I feel comfortable.”

Youth Centre Member

Grade 10

“This feels like a second home. I feel welcome, calm and happy when I’m here. I struggle with being social. The ROC has made me more connected to my community. I’ve gotten to know more people, it’s helped me learn how to be more social towards others even if I don’t want to be. The ROC introduced me to (some community groups) and it has gotten me a job. I still struggle to be social, but the ROC staff are just really encouraging in my life and have helped me get where I am. ”

Youth Centre Member

Grade 11

“What I love about the Youth Centre is the vibrant energy that everyone has when I walk through the door – everyone is always happy to see me and they greet me like I’m home. I like that I learn from people here, but what I like most is that I teach people here – there are younger kids that ask me for advice.”

Youth Centre Member

Grade 12

“The ROC has taught me diligence and humility. Humility by the environment at the Youth Centre. I just feel like the environment here really humbles me because it makes me realize that I’m not different from anybody, but I am different and that its not only okay, its encouraged! You can come to the ROC and be yourself. You can leave your problems at home and you don’t have to talk about it, but at least you’re encouraged to talk about it if you want to.”

Youth Centre Member

Grade 11

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