Triple Power


is a dynamic wellness program for boys and girls ages 9-13 offered after school in four week sessions addressing the three key areas of healthy living: physical, mental and social well being. TRIPLE POWER consists of the following 3 program themes: LET’S COOK, LET’S MOVE, LET’S CREATE and,

*NEW THIS YEAR, we have added LET’S THINK. These sessions provide opportunities for learning and problem solving outside of an educational setting.

Activities include learning sign language, creating and solving riddles and participating in memory games. The goal of TRIPLE POWER is to improve youth knowledge and practice of healthy living habits. This goal is successfully accomplished by demonstrating how eating well, keeping fit, being creative and forming positive relationships culminates in overall social, emotional and physical well-being.



Let's Cook

Sessions teach cooking and nutrition skills with healthy recipes designed.

Let's Move

Physical activity sessions involve recreational games, fundamental skill development and sports activities.

Let's Create

Sessions feature creative arts activities including drama, dance, music, photography, painting, pottery and more.

What I enjoyed most was the positive engagement with peers and my daughter’s increased interest in healthier food choices and cooking.


Parent, Sophiasburgh Central School

It was really awesome & snacks were delicious. I loved that there were physical & social activities. I would totally do it again.

Sage N.

Age: 9, Athol-South Marysburgh