Dedicated to
cultivating wellness and empowering girls to be all that they can be.

A six (6) week mentoring program for all girls in grades 7 & 8, plus a special event to celebrate the end of program. Offered during nutrition break, the objective of ROCk IT is to build self-esteem and confidence in participants through activities and conversations surrounding lifestyle choices, healthy relationships, and creating a sense of belonging in their school and larger community.

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Weekly themes include:

I Am a Girl
Men & Women in the Media
Building Resiliency
Healthy Relationships
Preparing for Your Future
Participants Choice:
Online/Onscreen, Managing Stress, Youth Suggestions

In addition to providing a safe space for critical conversations about healthy behaviours, the program also facilitates activities that enable participants to practice these healthy behaviours, and,
like all ROC programs, there is no cost to participate.


Self Esteem & Confidence

Program topics include group discussions on images in the media and the pressures girls face to live up to a particular standard of “beauty”, Boost Board activities, and positive examples of healthy choices and lifestyle.


Provides a safe space for sharing about the pressures girls face in this age group. Group discussions and 1-1 adult mentoring develops bonds amongst peers as they discover their similarities and become respectful of their differences.

Healthy Choices

Education on making healthy food choices and discussions on choosing healthy relationships with friends, maintaining open communication with adults at home, dealing with peer pressure, and social media safety.


This is by far one of my favourite memories from the past two years considering I was lucky enough to take part twice, in both grade seven and eight. This program really helped me build confidence and have fun! We learned so much and got to try so many new things which made it even better! I wish it never ended! It was even better because we got to express our opinions and do what we wanted! I love the ROC.


Age: 14

The past couple of years the ROC made me feel great inside because it was only girls (in the Girls Rock It program) so we could talk about anything. Every Wednesday I was so happy to be around all different girls and talk about everything and anything. The last two years that I have been included in the ROC program at (my) school has done a lot for me. It has inspired me in so (many ways) that you wouldn’t imagine.


Age: 14